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Five for Friday

A random roundup of tweets, posts, and/or interesting goings-on in Astoria social media:

1. Twitter, FB// Sorriso Salumeria is running a contest to increase its followers & fans.

2. Twitter, blog// Queens Comfort gets some Queens Love, Bradley Hawks-style.

I’m not sure when Bradley Hawks left for his Hawaiian holiday, or when he returned, but I figured it out when I followed this tweet from @QNSLUV…

and lo and behold ….

Astoria’s premier foodie/fotog is back!

[Go ahead, I know you want to: Here’s the whole post, over on QUEENS LOVE.]

3. Funniest Twitter, Instagram// @DiWineBar gets comment-card love. 

Go to Twitter yourself if you want to see the Instagram of the card; what I thought was awesome was DiWine’s brief-but-intriguing tweet:

4. Twitter, Facebook// @Bohemian Beer Garden announces Czech and Slovak classes 

5. And… // @cubicle57blog‘s got something in the works!

I never met her personally, but I follow Beckie Stravers (aka cubicle57blog) on Twitter, as do a lot of Astoria tweeps:

Even under construction, Make Your Media Social is charming. (Or as my husband might say— because he’s not from around here—”wicked charming!”) I’m not sure what she does in her cubicle on the Upper West Side, but the girl’s a natural-born writer and has a very easy way with social media. I’m thinking she could persuade even the most curmudgeonly anti-social Astoria small business owner to get with the program, digitally. (No pressure, Beckie!) Check out her progress on the new site here:  Make Your Media Social — Social Media Training and Consultation.

Astoria is social.

Astoria Park has 11,583 Likes on Facebook. American Museum of the Moving Image is on Foursquare, with 141 photos and visitors who cared enough to log in and leave comments.

A Pinterest user with 550 followers has a board called “New York City Food.” It includes dishes from Kabab Café and Agnanti Meze, among others. (Fellow pinners can click the photos to get the restaurants’ phone numbers and addresses.)

Sac’s Place, on Broadway, has 751 followers on Twitter. (They’d be so hosed if we all showed up at once!) And Sugar Freak, on 30th Ave.—which has only been open for maybe a year?—has 245. 

This is just a quick snapshot of our social media landscape. Some of our businesses are and have always been on top of their digital presence; some are not. Some seem to be online somewhat grudgingly (sporadic posts, lame tweets). And some probably don’t need to be socially engaged at all. (Although, if your corner bodega has a FB fan page, let me know! I’d be sincerely interested to hear what the owner’s goals are.)

Investigating our different aims and strategies is what this blog is about. We’ve all heard a lot about Astoria being a wondrous melting pot, and our DIY SM efforts are no exception. We’re all over the place on it—good, bad, and nonexistant. In this blog I hope to discover:

• Which business and people are doing the best job? • How did they get so good at it? • How much time, effort, and/or money are they putting in to it?

Probably no one will tell me everything. But I hope to glean some tricks to pass on.


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