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Astoria Social Media//Halloween 2012 Flash Contest

FLASH: The first person to answer the question below correctly is our winner.* Tweet your response to @TracyInfield. Good luck!

This shot was taken in front of Kaufman Astoria Studios on a wicked hot day in July 2011.

 Which production is it from?

A: Nurse Jackie: Game On [Showtime]

B: Sesame Street: When Muppets Attack [PBS]

C: Zombies: A Living History [The History Channel]

D: Next Caller: Dead on Arrival [NBC]

E: M*A*S*H: Dead Reckoning [TV Land]

* Winner gets to choose the subject of the next Astoria Social Media//Profile post!

Name the business you’d like to see profiled (it can be your own) and I’ll get in touch with them to see if they’re interested in participating. If yes, it’s on!

Note: Profile subjects must be located in Astoria and present (preferably active) on at least three social platforms, eg: a blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, foursquare, yelp, etc.


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