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5-Star Reviews: Yelp

Astoria’s 5-star reviews: 10/27-11/3


In this week’s edition: A tow truck company employee quite possibly saved a girl’s life… Mezze Place is beginning to attract its own devoted following… and Brick Cafe served up a meal so good one Yelper said: “I wish I still smoked after finishing this.” —Tracy Infield

Merguez and Shrimp Kadayif dinner with Organic Wine at Mezze Place. Photo via their Facebook page

TWO 5-star reviews on 10/27/12 Mezze Place 31-18 Broadway & 32nd St

“Wow!!!! Definitely a new favorite! Go go go!!”—Jane K. Manhattan “Worth the trip across the bridge! Found a gem thanks to yelp’s ‘hot and new’ filter!”—Lakshmi R., Manhattan

10/30/12 Aroma31 33-20 31st Ave

“Coffee had crack cocaine in it. That or everyone else has been watering their coffee down for brunch.”—Qian W., Astoria, NY

FOUR 5-star reviews: 10/27 (2) & 10/29 (2) Taverna Kyclades 33-07 Ditmars Blvd

10/28/12 Astoria Fashion Fabrics 33-17 30th Ave

10/28/12 Cafe Triskell 33-04 36th Ave

10/28/12 Astoria Park Pizza 32-20 34th Ave

10/28/12 Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden 29-19 24th Ave

10/29/12 Sugar Freak 36-18 30th Ave
“Awesome… Overall great experience & super friendly owner!”—Jord L., Astoria, NY

10/29/12 5 Napkin Burger 35-01 36th St

TWO 5-star reviews, both 10/29/12 El Rey Del Taco Truck 33-01 30th Ave

“The reputation El Rey has is well founded as this is the best food and best bang for the buck as far as tacos go in Astoria.”—James K., Astoria, NY

10/29/12 Pediatric Healthcare of Queens 30-14 37th St

“They have a sick waiting room and a well waiting room which I had never seen before but is a great idea with young kids.”—Morgan S., Steinway, Queens, NY

10/28/12 PortoBello Pizzeria Restaurant 43-18 Ditmars Blvd

“Fresh Pappardele with Wild Mushrooms and Shrimp in Truffle Cream Sauce; Served in Acorn Squash Bowl.” Pasta Special from Brick Cafe. Photo via their Tumblr page

TWO five-star reviews: 10/30 & 11/1/12 Brick Cafe 30-95 33rd St

“Simple concept really, roasted chicken wrapped in bacon, and stuffed with cream and asparagus. But kid you not when I say I wish I still smoked after finishing this.”—George D., Astoria, NY

THREE 5-star reviews: 10/29 (2) & 10/30/12 Queens Comfort 40-09 30th Ave

10/30/12 Sal, Kris, & Charlie’s Deli 33-12 23rd Ave

10/31/12 Kimberlys Towing Collisions Incorporated 41-09 19th Ave

“Our tow truck operator was also a certified paramedic and though my daughter refused medical attention at the scene. He took the time to look at the bump on her head, insisting that she go straight to the ER. More notable he explained to my stubborn 18 year old daughter why and the possible seriousness of her injury. In the ER, the doctors found an intracranial hematoma basically bleeding in the brain. Thank god she is OK!!! I only wish I got the name of this tow truck operator so that I could personally thank this young man.”—John T., Astoria, NY

10/31 Pachanga Patterson 33-17 31st Ave

10/30/12 The Bagel House 38-11 Ditmars Blvd

10/31/12 Tobiko Sushi Asian Fusion 30-27 Steinway St

FOUR 5-star reviews: 10/31, 11/1, 11/2 (2) Watawa Sushi 33-10 Ditmars Blvd

10/31/ K & T Quality Meats 33-14 Ditmars Blvd

10/31/12 Kabab Café 25-12 Steinway St

“The owner is the chef/cook and was very nice (coming around to shake hands and make nice small talk). VERY CONFIDENT about his food. And with good reason… This cat rocks a golden hot plate and is an artist with middle eastern spice!… A bit on the pricey side but when you have the chance to eat this good with people you love, it just doesn’t hurt that much.”—Amos D., Montclair, NJ

THREE 5-star reviews: 10/29, 10/31 & 11/1/12 ZENON TAVERNA 34-10 31st Ave

“This is where you take Brooklyn people to show off Astoria.  Do the Meze meal and you will have more than enough for days, and each plate is like a new discovery.  Stupendous variety.  Just come and see for yourself.”—Morgan S., Steinway, Queens, NY

11/2/12 Carioca Grill 29-03 Broadway
“Great selection, great meats, never dry, and always tasty. I’m a new regular. Whatta find!”—Teo A., Astoria, NY

11/2/12 Dandana 42-21 Broadway

11/1/12  Sanfords  30-13 Broadway

10/27/12 Il Bambino 34-08 31st Ave

“For the last three years, I’ve made a point to stop into Il Bambino every time I’ve visited Astoria. The cheese, charcuterie, paninis, crostinis and PEANUT BUTTER HOT CHOCOLATE entice me to the point where I experience a mega does of choice anxiety when it comes time to order…”—Emily C., Hartford, CT

11/2/12 babyNOIR 26-16 23rd Ave

“This cute little shop is complete with eclectic gifts and goodies, and a WIDE selection of books… 
The best part? If they don’t have what you are looking for, it will take just a day or two for them to locate it for you. The owner is very sweet and helpful. Looks like this will be my new one stop shop for gifts for the loved ones.”—Naveed R., Astoria, NY

Astoria businesses: If you get a 5-star review, let us know: email tinfield@hotmail.com or tweet @TracyInfield. Hope to see you here soon!


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