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Astoria’s 5-star reviews: 11/17-11/24

In this week’s edition: Leli’s Bakery makes its debut…. Café Boulis continues its 5-star streak… Il Bambino inspires someone’s first-ever Yelp review… And Veslo gets the thumbs-up from a new bride. —Tracy Infield

TWO 5-star reviews: 11/17 & 11/18/12 Astoria Auto Repair 40-17 28th Ave

THREE 5-star reviews: 11/17, 11/20 & 11/24/12 Bagels & Brew 43-05 Broadway

11/17/12 Café Boulis 31-15 31st Ave

FIVE 5 star reviews: 11/16, 11/20, 11/22, 11/24 (2) Il Bambino 34-08 31st Ave

“This place is making me write my first review on Yelp. Five stars period. 
Can’t wait to go back!!!” —yummy l., New York, NY ••• “I love my fiancee, but I would leave her for the peanut butter hot chocolate.  There.  I said it.”—Andrew M., Astoria, NY

“Dalmatians believe in letting the food speak for itself…” Photo via/ click thru for VesloNYC.com

11/16/12 Veslo 32-11 Broadway

“My husband and I had our wedding reception at Veslo and we were so pleased with the excellent food and service we received, and at a very reasonable price!”—Chloe G., Astoria, NY

11/17/12 Perfect Fantasy Hair & Nail Salon 34-09 30th Ave

“Went back to get my gel manicure [and] a pedicure, this all cost only $35 with a great massage. Meanwhile across the street I used to pay $30 alone for a gel manicure. Def don’t be fooled by the outside and language barrier, the staff is super friendly and know what they are doing.”—silvia m., Astoria, NY

11/17/12 Silver Age Comics 22-55 31st St

“I have been a customer of Silver Age comic for over 20 years. TWENTY YEARS! The fact that this business has lasted over 20 years should give you a hint that they are doing something right…” Vov R., Little Neck, NY

11/21/12 GiGi Salon Styling Studio 34-17 30th Ave

Traditional Brazilian Feijoada, every Saturday at Malagueta. Photo via/ click thru for their Facebook page

11/19/12 Malagueta Restaurant 25-35 36th Ave

“The BEST beef stew I’ve ever had…”—Abbie T., Middle Village, NY

11/19/12 Namaste 31-15 30th Ave

11/19/12 Rapture Lounge 37-27 28th Ave

11/19/12 Steinway Family Dental Center 32-50 Steinway

THREE 5-star reviews: 11/17 & 11/19 (2) Trattoria L’incontro 21-76 31st St

11/20/12 Piccola Venezia Italian Restaurant 42-01 28th Ave

11/20/12 Marthas Country Bakery 36-21 Ditmars

11/20/12 Polito’s Pizz. 38-12 Broadway

11/20/12 MexiBBQ 37-11 30th Ave

“The wait sometimes can be a little nerve wracking but it’s def compensated with their incredible food.”—Lethal X., Flushing, NY

11/22/12 Aura Hookah Lounge 25-70 Steinway

“This place is HUGE, they have a full bar and their hookah was actually really smooth. The waitresses were very friendly on top of it all, and the music was bumping… I found my new spot.”—Tony W., New York, NY

11/22/12 Omonia Café 32-20 Broadway

11/21/12 Park Dental Care 29-14 Ditmars

“They could’ve really charged me more but they saw that i was a student and they were very reasonable.”—Brian F., Astoria, NY

11/22/12 Zante Restaurant 38-38 31st St

“Small New York diner, good food, friendly people, fast service. Has everything from omelets to pizza to burgers to chicken parmigiana. Price is excellent, have yet to pay more than $10 for a meal…”—Nathan M., Cortland, IL

TWO 5-star reviews 11/21 & 11/22/12 CrossFit Queens 18-31 27th Ave

11/24/12 Gian Piero Bakery 44-17 30th Ave

11/24/12 Int’l Meat Market 36-12 30th Ave

“High quality meat! service is excellent! THE PLACE to buy your meat and many other ethnic products.”—Dianna L., Astoria, NY

Pecan Honey Bun from Leli’s Bakery & Cafe. Photo via/ click thru for their Facebook page

11/24/12 Leli’s Bakery & Cafe 35-14 30th Ave

“Leli’s is owned by the family that used to own JMJ  bakery in LIC.  JMJ didn’t have a sit down cafe so many people maybe didn’t know about it but I was lucky enough to have a boyfriend (now husband) in the know who knew enough to buy my birthday cakes there (always amazing) and then we knew enough to have them create our wedding cupcakes.  I was pretty sad when they moved the production operation to The Bronx, but was happy for them that they were doing so well that they needed to expand…

I’m thrilled to find out that they’ve come back to Astoria, with a cafe/bakery.”—Jenifer F., Astoria, NY

Astoria businesses: If you get a 5-star Yelp review, let us know! Send notice to tinfield@hotmail.com or tweet me @TracyInfield. Hope to see you here soon!

Thanksgiving eats in Astoria

Happy Thanksgiving, Astoria! If you’re staying local and looking for good eats (drinks, and general merriment), here’s round-up of holiday-specific tweets from my Twitter lists.*

This Holiday Guide was inspired by a recent tweet from Judith Klein Rich @Fooditka, which lead to a great post on special menus from some of her favorite restaurants. If you haven’t seen it, here ’tis: Astorian Thanksgiving Roundup.

Click on the screenshots below to link to the restaurant’s Twitter page for updates and more info. Cheers!—Tracy Infield

… and then there’s this, too:

ASM Note: These guys sent out tweets letting followers know they are closed for the day: Sac’s Place: reopen Friday; The Queens Kickshaw: reopen 9AM Friday; Taverna Kyclades; Sanfords: reopen 10am Friday for brunch; Mezze Place; S Prime: reopen Friday; Sugar Freak: reopen 11am Friday; Crescent and Vine

 * Astoria restaurant owners/managers: If you’re not on one of my Astoria//Restaurants Twitter lists and you want to be, gIve me a follow or send a tweet: Tracy Infield @ TracyInfield.

Astoria’s 5-star reviews: 11/10-11/17

In this week’s edition, Astoria Yelpers celebrate a pub that offers the “best monday dinner option everr” … A steak place that “makes Peter Lugar taste like McDonalds” … And a salon where the stylists are “very OCD about making sure every strand of hair is perfect.” —Tracy Infield 

11/10/12 Village of Astoria 31-27 Ditmars

“I ordered the Godfather… It was fantastic. Simply phenomenal. Maybe it was the high quality ingredients or the time and care spent on the sandwich but it was literally the best sandwich I’ve eaten in NYC.”—Mark F., Astoria, NY

11/10/12 Astoria Internet 22-55 31st St

“I was a little hesitant at first. Computer repair was listed…. but it looked like an internet café… What the heck I thought and called them anyway.  Best.  Choice. Ever.”—Dulce S., Manhattan, NY

A summertime caprese salad from Basil Brick Oven’s FB photo archive.

TWO 5-star reviews: 11/10 & 11/12/12 Basil Brick Oven Pizza 28-17 Astoria Blvd

“The crust is perfect, the cheese is heavenly, and the sauce is stellar. The fresh basil is grown in house right near the ovens.”—Kari B., Astoria, NY

11/10/12 Bikram Yoga Queens NY 32-03 Steinway St

“One of my favorite yoga studios in Queens! … The studio is always clean and I love all the instructors, they are professional and really take the time to make you feel comfortable with the poses.”—Christina B., Beechhurst, NY

Cavo’s outdoor garden. Photo/click through: cavoastoria.com

11/11/12 Cavo 42-18 31st Ave

TWO 5-star reviews: Vision Essential 11/10 & 11/11/12 36-04 30th Ave

“Best optics in Astoria. Quick, friendly, professional, and state of the art equipment. Staff provided solid insurance advice, and I was out in less than 30 minutes with a spot-on contact lens prescription and sample.”—Damian D., Astoria, NY

TWO 2-star reviews, both on 11/11/12 Astoria Bier and Cheese 34-14 Broadway

11/10/12 Sense Beauty Salon Incorporated 35-53 31st St

“THEY GET IT DONE! … I came in for a Japanese hair treatment and they went to town on my hair. They are very thorough, very OCD about making sure every strand of hair is perfect … they may not look like a upscale salon, but their services beat J’aime Nails by a long shot!”—Shaylee R., New York, NY

11/12/12 Dillingers Pub & Grill 46-19 30th Ave

“Monday is buy an entree get the second for $1. no joke! best monday dinner option everr.”—Erin M., Brooklyn, NY

11/11/12 Jack’s Shoe Repair 25-40 Broadway

11/12/12 Burger Club 32-02 30th Ave

11/13/12 Astoria Laundry 23-17 31 St

TWO 5-star reviews: 11/13 & 11/17/12 Grand Cafe 37-01 30th Ave

Pork chop over radicchio and apples. Food by Ornella; photo by Bradley Hawks. Photo/click through: OTI FB page

11/13/12 Ornella Trattoria Italiana 29-17 23rd Ave

“It’s really lovely to dine in a restaurant where the owner is so hands on and as passionate about the food as we are.”—Julia W., Astoria, NY

TWO 5-star reviews: 11/14 & 11/17/12 Christos Steak House 4108 23rd Ave

“This place makes Peter Lugar taste like McDonalds. I’m saving up for a down payment on my next New York strip at Christos.”—Prof M., Astoria, NY

THREE 5-star reviews: 11/10, 11/14 & 11/15/12 Sanford’s Restaurant 30-13 Broadway

11/13 Victory Sweet Shop 21-69 Steinway

Vitality & Health Natural Market’s online/delivery FB page: OrganicAtYourDoor.com

11/14/12 Vitality Health & Natural Market 46-03 Broadway

11/11/12 Natura Spa. 31-78 Steinway

11/15/12 Rizzo’s Fine Pizza 3013 Steinway

TWO 5-star reviews: 11/10 & 11/15/12 Yummy Taco 48-14 Broadway

“I’m so sad this place has bad reviews because i really like this place. I’ve only had their chicken though. Their chicken is super juicy and delicious ALL THE TIME. I just had a chicken quesadilla like 10 hours ago, and writing about this is making me crave it again…”—Jessica C., Woodside, NY

TWO 5-star reviews: 11/16 & 11/17/12 Blo It Out 23-71 Steinway

“I live in Jersey, work in Manhattan and still can’t find a better hairstylist than Anna, at Blo It Out, in Queens.  She is uniquely talented…” —Lo T., Roselle Park, NJ ••• “I have known Gina and Anna since the ’90s—was a fan then, and am a fan now!! No worries, my hairstyle has changed since, neither Gina nor Anna would ever let me run around with the same do for that long…”—Tania F., Long Island City, NY

Astoria businesses: If you get a 5-star Yelp review, let us know! Send notice to tinfield@hotmail.com or tweet me @TracyInfield. Hope to see you here soon!

Astoria’s 5-star reviews: 11/3-11/10

In this week’s edition: A Hurricane Sandy volunteer gives Astoria Laundry a shout-out for their helpfulness … Triboro Printing Corp. gets credit for being “wayyy better” than Staples or Kinkos … and one Yelper reveals her choice for “hands down the best Italian restaurant in all of New York City.” —Tracy Infield 

11/4/12 Sanfords  30-13 Broadway

“Best brunch in Astoria… 
Two free drinks (great Bloody Mary, if you like it spicy and thin), coffee, amazing selection of delicious brunch options, and surprisingly good toast (who knew that could be a bonus?) all for $14.”—Christopher W., Long Island City, NY

11/4/12 O’Dardeley’s 31-86 31st St

“Only the best trivia night ever!”—Jen M., Long Island City, NY

THREE 5-star reviews: 11/3, 11/5 & 11/6/12 Brazilian Waxing Center  37-11 35th Ave

11/3/12 Butcher Bar 37-08 30th Ave

11/3 HinoMaru Ramen 33-18 Ditmars

THREE 5-star reviews: 11/3 (2) & 11/4/12 Seoul Fusion Eatery 24-06 34th Ave

“YESSS, Korean food in Astoria!”—Janet B. “I’m glad someone finally opened a Korean joint in this neighborhood.”—Suzy K.  “I’m so excited to have good Korean food in Astoria and I will definitely be going back again soon.”—Kelli O.

TWO 5-star reviews: 11/4 & 11/5/12 Seva 30-07 34th St

A dish of deliciousness from Sunswick. Photo via their website.

11/5/12 Sunswick 35-02 35th St

“I’ve never been to a bar such as this that served up such a delicious avocado salad on mixed greens, or makes their wing sauce from scratch, or has quinoa on the menu—yea, you heard me, vegetarians. Oh, and they have a gazillion craft brews on tap…”—Julia D., Long Island City, NY

11/7/12 Statcare Astoria 37-15 23rd Ave

“I paid 150$ for Immigration medical form oppose to 380$ two blocks down on Steinway… I needed some extra vaccinations and booster and they recommended me to go to free vaccination clinic instead of paying them nearly 500$ for shots I could get for free! … I highly recommend them especially if you’re not sure where to go and/or you’re new to the area.”—Veronika R., Astoria, NY

TWO 5-star reviews, both 11/4/12  Astoria Veterinary Group 23-54 Steinway

“The staff is very caring and gentle, the care we received in the midst of a hurricane was excellent, the charge was shockingly low… I was very pleased, and no matter where I live in the city from now on, this will be where my dogs go, even if I have to rent a car to drive them there. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”—Jamie C., New York, NY

11/8/12 Astoria Laundry 23-17 31 St

“We are working in the Battery Park area pumping water from Sandy’s leftovers…  Astoria Laundry has been picking up our laundry before noon every day now for the past week or so and delivering it back to us later the same day. I don’t know about these other folks here and frankly don’t care, the only thing I do know is that these people here helped out and have been doing so for days now without any issues. THANKS GUYS, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.”—Damien M., Brooklyn, NY

11/4/12 The Studio 21-78 21st St

“This the best curly hair cut I have had in NYC and it only cost $16! … It is no longer right next to the train but it is totally worth the extra trouble to get in Maura’s chair. Shoot, just grab a drink at Hell Gate Social or a bite at Bistro 33 afterwards.”—Michele L, Astoria, NY

11/5/12 On the Nile 33-09 36th Ave

THREE 5-star reviews: 11/4, 11/5 & 11/7/12 Trattoria L’incontro 21-76 31st St

“This is hands down the best Italian restaurant in all of New York City. I am dead serious. Yes, it’s expensive but as the saying goes ‘you get what you paid for’ … This was a class A dining experience that I will never forget and I cant wait to go back!”—Jennifer A. Brooklyn, NY

11/9/12 Value Movers 31-10 31st Ave

11/4/12 Zorba’s Souvlaki Plui 29-05 23rd Ave

“Living in Astoria requires one to eat a lot of Greek cuisine. Of all the locations, for price, quality, service, and taste, Zorba’s gets my vote for all around best.”—Ross N., Astoria, NY

TWO 5-star reviews: 11/6 & 11/8/12 Astoria Bier and Cheese 34-14 Broadway

“Great selection of beers on tap and in cans/bottles and for a decent price… Pick your cheeses or get a meat and cheese plate for $20 with 5 different cheeses and 4 different cuts of meat. Great place to kick back and relax after work with friends or go and do work there.”—Anh P., New York, NY

Astoria Tango Club just celebrated their 1-year anniversary. Visit them on FB—or just head over to Broadway.

THREE 5-star reviews: 11/6 (2) & 11/9/12 Astoria Tango Club 41-01 Broadway

“From 6:00pm to 7:00pm they offer a class for beginners and then lots and lots of practice until late night. All for $10.00… So on Sundays, I am traveling from New Jersey all the way to Astoria. Wouldn’t go that far if it wasn’t worth it.”—Anna P., Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

11/6/12 Lite Bites & Grill 31-91 Steinway St

TWO 5-star reviews: 11/5 & 11/6/12 LOCALE 33-02 34th Ave

11/7/12 S & S Calabro Pizza 3065 14th St

11/7/12 Studio 31 32-07 31st Ave

“Definitely come here if you are picky about getting a good cut and style for an excellent price!”—Julie N., New York, NY

11/7/12 New Enrico’s Car Service 32-09 37th St

11/7/12 Piazza Pizza Astoria 31-06 42nd St

11/7/12 Triboro Printing Corporation  25-02 Steinway

“I’d much rather deal with these guys because of the personal attention they gave me, plus their prices and quality are wayyyy better than Staples, Kinkos, or any of the other manhattan printers I’ve worked with in the past… definitely recommend!”—Robin F., Long Island City, NY

THREE 5-star reviews: 11/4, 11/5 & 11/9/12 Antika Pizzeria 36-08 30th Ave

11/9/12 Blo It Out 23-21 Steinway

“Yesterday I found the deal $50 for $75 here on Yelp and I saw they had only 5 star reviews so I gave it a shot… and guess what?! I’m giving them 5 stars too because my hair never looked better!! … I will be back and I will recommend this salon to all my friends!”—Ste F., Astoria, NY

11/9/12 Crescent & Vine 25-01 Ditmars

“Crescent & Vine is absolutely worth the walk off the beaten path of Astoria. This is a crème de la crème wine and craft beer bar, with a wine expert managing the wine menu and a beer expert (who brews his own beer and was a contributor to the recipe for the Imperial Coconut Milk Stout) managing the beer menu.”—Julia D., Long Island City, NY

11/8/12 EZ Bins 34-13 38th St

11/9/12 Hunan 3 Chinese Restaurant 24-14 34th Ave

11/9/12 King of Falafel & Shawarma 30th St & Broadway

11/9/12 Newtown Farmers Market 21-30 Newtown Ave

11/9/12 Rest-au-Rant 20-01 35th Ave
“Save the date” image from their FB page.

11/9/12 Xtreme Fitness 2514 34th Ave

11/10/12 Sorriso Italian Pork Store 4416 30th Ave

“If you haven’t made a trip to Sorriso yet, I would highly recommend it. The service is amazing; the food is high quality. I would recommend the homemade Sopressata and the fresh mozzarella… Definitely a neighborhood charm.”—Christina Z., Manhattan, NY

Astoria businesses: If you get a 5-star Yelp review, let us know! Send notice to tinfield@hotmail.com or tweet me @TracyInfield. Hope to see you here soon!

Astoria’s 5-star reviews: 10/27-11/3


In this week’s edition: A tow truck company employee quite possibly saved a girl’s life… Mezze Place is beginning to attract its own devoted following… and Brick Cafe served up a meal so good one Yelper said: “I wish I still smoked after finishing this.” —Tracy Infield

Merguez and Shrimp Kadayif dinner with Organic Wine at Mezze Place. Photo via their Facebook page

TWO 5-star reviews on 10/27/12 Mezze Place 31-18 Broadway & 32nd St

“Wow!!!! Definitely a new favorite! Go go go!!”—Jane K. Manhattan “Worth the trip across the bridge! Found a gem thanks to yelp’s ‘hot and new’ filter!”—Lakshmi R., Manhattan

10/30/12 Aroma31 33-20 31st Ave

“Coffee had crack cocaine in it. That or everyone else has been watering their coffee down for brunch.”—Qian W., Astoria, NY

FOUR 5-star reviews: 10/27 (2) & 10/29 (2) Taverna Kyclades 33-07 Ditmars Blvd

10/28/12 Astoria Fashion Fabrics 33-17 30th Ave

10/28/12 Cafe Triskell 33-04 36th Ave

10/28/12 Astoria Park Pizza 32-20 34th Ave

10/28/12 Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden 29-19 24th Ave

10/29/12 Sugar Freak 36-18 30th Ave
“Awesome… Overall great experience & super friendly owner!”—Jord L., Astoria, NY

10/29/12 5 Napkin Burger 35-01 36th St

TWO 5-star reviews, both 10/29/12 El Rey Del Taco Truck 33-01 30th Ave

“The reputation El Rey has is well founded as this is the best food and best bang for the buck as far as tacos go in Astoria.”—James K., Astoria, NY

10/29/12 Pediatric Healthcare of Queens 30-14 37th St

“They have a sick waiting room and a well waiting room which I had never seen before but is a great idea with young kids.”—Morgan S., Steinway, Queens, NY

10/28/12 PortoBello Pizzeria Restaurant 43-18 Ditmars Blvd

“Fresh Pappardele with Wild Mushrooms and Shrimp in Truffle Cream Sauce; Served in Acorn Squash Bowl.” Pasta Special from Brick Cafe. Photo via their Tumblr page

TWO five-star reviews: 10/30 & 11/1/12 Brick Cafe 30-95 33rd St

“Simple concept really, roasted chicken wrapped in bacon, and stuffed with cream and asparagus. But kid you not when I say I wish I still smoked after finishing this.”—George D., Astoria, NY

THREE 5-star reviews: 10/29 (2) & 10/30/12 Queens Comfort 40-09 30th Ave

10/30/12 Sal, Kris, & Charlie’s Deli 33-12 23rd Ave

10/31/12 Kimberlys Towing Collisions Incorporated 41-09 19th Ave

“Our tow truck operator was also a certified paramedic and though my daughter refused medical attention at the scene. He took the time to look at the bump on her head, insisting that she go straight to the ER. More notable he explained to my stubborn 18 year old daughter why and the possible seriousness of her injury. In the ER, the doctors found an intracranial hematoma basically bleeding in the brain. Thank god she is OK!!! I only wish I got the name of this tow truck operator so that I could personally thank this young man.”—John T., Astoria, NY

10/31 Pachanga Patterson 33-17 31st Ave

10/30/12 The Bagel House 38-11 Ditmars Blvd

10/31/12 Tobiko Sushi Asian Fusion 30-27 Steinway St

FOUR 5-star reviews: 10/31, 11/1, 11/2 (2) Watawa Sushi 33-10 Ditmars Blvd

10/31/ K & T Quality Meats 33-14 Ditmars Blvd

10/31/12 Kabab Café 25-12 Steinway St

“The owner is the chef/cook and was very nice (coming around to shake hands and make nice small talk). VERY CONFIDENT about his food. And with good reason… This cat rocks a golden hot plate and is an artist with middle eastern spice!… A bit on the pricey side but when you have the chance to eat this good with people you love, it just doesn’t hurt that much.”—Amos D., Montclair, NJ

THREE 5-star reviews: 10/29, 10/31 & 11/1/12 ZENON TAVERNA 34-10 31st Ave

“This is where you take Brooklyn people to show off Astoria.  Do the Meze meal and you will have more than enough for days, and each plate is like a new discovery.  Stupendous variety.  Just come and see for yourself.”—Morgan S., Steinway, Queens, NY

11/2/12 Carioca Grill 29-03 Broadway
“Great selection, great meats, never dry, and always tasty. I’m a new regular. Whatta find!”—Teo A., Astoria, NY

11/2/12 Dandana 42-21 Broadway

11/1/12  Sanfords  30-13 Broadway

10/27/12 Il Bambino 34-08 31st Ave

“For the last three years, I’ve made a point to stop into Il Bambino every time I’ve visited Astoria. The cheese, charcuterie, paninis, crostinis and PEANUT BUTTER HOT CHOCOLATE entice me to the point where I experience a mega does of choice anxiety when it comes time to order…”—Emily C., Hartford, CT

11/2/12 babyNOIR 26-16 23rd Ave

“This cute little shop is complete with eclectic gifts and goodies, and a WIDE selection of books… 
The best part? If they don’t have what you are looking for, it will take just a day or two for them to locate it for you. The owner is very sweet and helpful. Looks like this will be my new one stop shop for gifts for the loved ones.”—Naveed R., Astoria, NY

Astoria businesses: If you get a 5-star review, let us know: email tinfield@hotmail.com or tweet @TracyInfield. Hope to see you here soon!


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