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Astoria Tweep Appreciation Day

No particular reason why I decided today was Astoria Tweep Appreciation Day at Astoria Social Media… although a few things helped: One was this gorgeous photo I clicked on (very early) this morning from a tweet by @astoriafication:

@Astoriafication’s early AM Instagram

Now THIS is a great way to start the day. Thanks, @astoriafication!

…. Then a few minutes before (or after) I’d seen this, I’d clicked on a couple of links from Queens Love:

[Click on the above screenshot to go to their profile and see the images yourself: A (typically) mouthwatering photo from Bradley Hawks, and a striking image of the NYC skyline (and friend) from Joe DiStefano.]

So I just basically started my day loving Queens in general and Astoria (always) in particular…

… In other Astoria “tweep” news, Sac’s Place reached 1,000 followers yesterday. I know they’re happy and grateful to their followers, and I think their large following is well deserved. Check out the random screenshot below and you’ll see why:

Why such an enthusiastic following? 1) Their tweets are not always promotional. Yes, there’s plenty of “Mama made…”s and order info, but they also opine about other, non-Sac’s Place topics, including local sports, animal welfare, and local goings on. 2) They’re generous with RTs and shares. 3) They appreciate their followers and 4) They ALWAYS thank you for RTs.

Sac’s Place’s tweets have a point of view, a personality, and a generosity that I like and admire, so here’s a big ASM shout out to them:

Sac’s Place: You’re awesome. I appreciate you. Congratulations on your 1,000+ follows.

Here are a few other things I appreciated in Astoria Twitterdom today. I don’t follow everyone below (I have a convoluted system of follows and lists that even I don’t understand), but nonetheless these Astoria peeps are all on my radar and I appreciated the following tweets:


OOPS: I read this as “calorific” and took it as permission to have an extra-big breakfast:

I appreciated this because I always appreciate links to my blog:

This guy is on my radar because I believe he’s opening a restaurant on Ditmars soon (where Mezzo Mezzo was). Frankly most of the tweets from the account are pretty promotional… but occasionally a kitchen tip is featured, and that’s nice:

PLUS: Here are two “evergreen” favorites: I pretty much always like tweets from @weheartastoria and @QueensNYCity.

And…. @nyc8675309: How best to publicly appreciate “J-La?” Not a business, not an organization… but a major part of my Astoria Twitterverse: yenta, mayor, psychic … a generous RT’er and all-around interesting tweep. She’s the reason I know what “.” before “@” means on Twitter…. what to order at Seva (when I try it again) … what cheese to get at Sorriso Salumeria… on and on and on.

Thank you J-La, Sac’s Place, Astoriafication, and all the other Astoria “tweeple” who make my Twitter feed so fun, informative, and fulfilling.


2 thoughts on “Astoria Tweep Appreciation Day

  1. You are very sweet. I had to hold back some tears here. Mainly since the tweeple you mention are more than avatars and handles to me. They are my neighbors and friends. And really, that is the power of social media…offering opportunity online and off.

    Posted by J-La | October 23, 2012, 10:02 pm
    • Thanks for taking the time to comment, J-La.
      I’m with you 100%.
      The larger Twitter universe may have its share of trolls, but generally #Astoria-centric tweets are positive—informative & supportive. Would love to see more of us (and esp Astoria businesses) joining in the conversations.

      Posted by tinfield | October 24, 2012, 9:30 am

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