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5-Star Reviews: Yelp

Astoria’s 5-star reviews: 10/13-10/20

In this week’s edition: Find out which of our dentists is a “Root Canal Ninja” … Whose sandwiches are so good that even Astoria’s finest park illegally to get one … And whose ingredients are so fresh, one Yelper suspects they have a hidden farm and ocean in the back. [Spoiler alert: Congrats to Liao Kenneth DDS, Sal, Kris, & Charlie’s Deli and Taverna Kyclades for the devotion and creativity of your reviewers.] —Tracy Infield

10/19/12 babyNOIR 26-16 23rd Ave
“Had to purchase a gift for a friend’s child one day and decided to check this place out. For a guy you can imagine how annoying of a task this was, but everyone was so helpful so I was in and out very quickly. Very pleased!”—Mike D., Astoria, NY

10/12/12 Aliada Restaurant 29-19 Broadway


TWO 5-star reviews on 10/13/12 American Eye Care 38-03 Broadway

Homemade Taqueria is a “great choice!” Photo via their Facebook page

10/12/12 Homemade Taqueria 45-09 34th Ave

“Delivery took FOREVER (nearly an hour and a half, but it was a Friday night) but the food was amazing! We’re from California and were missing great Mexican food. We decided to try a new place tonight and saw they had good reviews and another person from CA said it was good so we gave it a shot… great choice!”—Kasey G., Astoria, NY

10/13/12 Liao Kenneth DDS 37-14 28th Avenue

“I would brand him the ‘Root Canal Ninja.’ He’ll execute them with deadly precision.
 Two thumbs up from me.”—Richard W., Flushing, NY

THREE 5-star reviews: 10/13 (2) and 10/17 Quinn Florist 3524 Broadway

“Manny was just brilliant in understanding my vision and executing it perfectly. He is so knowledgeable and really has an artistic vision and creativity for what he does.”—Chloe G., Astoria, NY

10/13/12 Rosana’s Beauty Salon 28-33 Steinway St

“Being Brazilian myself and after 6 years searching for a salon in NY that provides a real Brazilian Keratin Treatment, I believe I can say I finally found one!… If you need a treatment from Brazil, go to Astoria and to a Brazilian salon to do it! … Oh, and I get to do some delicious Brazilian grocery shopping on my way back at Rio Market ;)”—g.g., Brooklyn, NY

TWO 5-star reviews: 10/18 & 10/19/12 Sal, Kris, & Charlie’s Deli 33-12 23rd Ave

“You know it’s good when you constantly see people illegally parking outside WITH the vacant cop cars that are also illegally parked, all trying to get themselves a yummy hoagie.”—Judy C., Long Island City, NY

THREE 5-star reviews: 10/14, 10/16 & 10/17/12 Taverna Kyclades 33-07 Ditmars

“Try the Kyclades special dish for about $30—brings a little bit of everything with lemon potatoes and the free dessert at the end just great.”—Fred M., Bronx, NY ••• “It is like they have this hidden farm and ocean hidden in the back and they are growing or grabbing the next best piece of everything.”—Dannielle G., Sunnyside, NY ••• “There’s a good reason why this place is always packed…”—JiaJia S., Happauge, NY

10/14/12 Cavo 42-18 31st Ave

TWO 5-star reviews: 10/13 & 10/17/12 Christos Steak House 41-08 23rd Ave

The making of fresh chestnut pasta at Ornella Trattoria Italiana.
Photo via their Facebook page

TWO 5-star reviews: 10/19 & 10/20/12 Ornella Trattoria Italiana 29-17 23rd Ave

“The service at this establishment is impeccable… The last time I was served this well was on a cruise ship. The food was superb and their unique signature dishes are a nice change of pace.”—Steve M., Jersey City, NJ

10/14/12 Ezbins 34-13 38th St

“EZBins was really great—came to drop off and pick up my bins right on time, and the sturdy plastic bins made moving a lot easier. They are really responsive too—they are starting to manufacture smaller bins for books and other items that are too heavy for the larger bins…”—Eden S., Manhattan, NY

TWO 5-star reviews: both 10/14/12 Astoria Bier and Cheese 34-14 Broadway

“This place is class and quality by the pint and plate… my favorite newcomer to the neighborhood right now, hands-down.”—Christian P., Astoria, NY ••• “Very friendly, great music. All around a great night and wonderful place I will be back for sure!”—Levi P., Astoria, NY

10/16/12 El Rey Del Taco Truck #2 31st St and Ditmars

10/16/12 Mad Donkey 32-07 36th Ave

Rodney from the Vespa Queens service department, straight shootin’ on the telephone. Photo via their Facebook page.

10/16/12 Vespa Queens 37-43 Crescent

“There are two people here that are awesome. Stele, because she’s eager to answer any newbie questions you may have. Very patient and not pushy with any “upselling.”

 Rodney—the service manager. He’s a straight shooter, no BS. Friendly & honest service.”—Andy H., New York, NY

10/17/12 An Qi Gong Tui-Na 38-07 Broadway, 2F

10/17/12 International Meat Market 3612 30th Ave

10/18/12 Antika Pizzeria 36-08 30th Ave

10/19/12 Fatima’s Halal 2525 Broadway

TWO 5-star reviews: 10/14 & 10/20/12 Michael Angelo’s Pizzeria 29-11 23rd Ave

10/15/12 Seva 30-07 34th St

TWO 5-star reviews: both 10/15/12 Tu Casa Restaurant 30-10 Steinway

THREE 5-star reviews: 10/14 & 10/15/12 (2) Il Bambino 34-08 31st Ave

“I’d heard so much buzz about this place that I came with really high expectations. And they were met…”—Cristina A., Astoria, NY

10/18/12 Arepas Café 33-07 36th Ave

“The discovery of this tiny joint in the backstreets of Astoria marks a turning point in my life in terms of Arepa consumption. I think I may need to seek help because I’ve become an arepa-holic.”—Chris K., Flushing, NY

10/20/12 Buon Appetit Deli Catering 36-12 Ditmars

10/20/12 Sac’s Place 25-41 Broadway

“Oh my goodness, is this good. My g/f and I were looking for a new Italian restaurant to go to and came upon this online. We went for a pasta dinner and it was amazing… 

Plus the owner is sweet, welcoming and the staff is very nice and attentive. They even gave us free apples for their orchard.”—James F., Forest Hills, NY

Astoria businesses: If you get a 5-star review, please share your good news. Email tinfield@hotmail.com or tweet me @TracyInfield. Hope to see you here soon!


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