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5-Star Reviews: Yelp

Astoria’s 5-star reviews: 10/6-10/13

In this week’s edition: Astoria Bier and Cheese makes its Yelp debut with 5-star reviews, and The King of Falafel‘s six-bang review (!!!!!!) narrowly defeats Favela‘s (“Top rate caipirinhas!!!!!”) … You’ll get all kinds of tips on ordering wisely at Trattoria L’incontro, Jasmin Lounge and Villa Brazil Café Grill … And find out why the WiFi goes out at The Queens Kickshaw at 6pm. (I’m not sure it’s the official version, but if true it is an excellent reason.) —Tracy Infield

Help them reach 100! Astoria Bier and Cheese starts strong with 5-star reviews and a great leap in Twitter follows. [First tweet: 10/2]

TWO 5-star reviews: 10/5 and 10/10/12 Astoria Bier and Cheese 34-14 Broadway

“I have already been there twice and absolutely love the place. It has a great vibe, great service and will make a ton of money because it is a cheap bar, essentially, that allows you to try their beer and take it home if you like it. Try this place out, I assure you, you won’t be disappointed!”—Clayton M., Astoria, NY

“My favorite thing about this place is that it is not a restaurant—you can grab a beer from out of the fridge and sit in peace with friends drinking it. No waitress service which some people might have to get used to – but it creates a more relaxed experience…
Or! You can head here before having your own party and stock up on an impressive variety of cheeses and unique beers. Excellent.”—Melanie E., Manhattan, NY

La Bottega Astoria, via their Facebook page

TWO 5-star reviews: 10/4 and 10/5/12 La Bottega 40-17 30th Ave

“After months of construction La Bottega opened in Astoria… I went in tonight for the first time and let me tell you TOTALLY worth the wait…  I could only finish half of the panini and half the salad—great because I have lunch for Friday.”—SL, Astoria, NY

10/5/12 Rotana Hookah Place 25-51 Steinway

10/7/12 Antika Pizzeria 36-08 30th Ave

TWO 5-star reviews: 10/7 and 10/11/12 King of Falafel 30th St & Broadway

“Some of the best Falafel around fresh and a Great price.
 I just love it!!!!!!”—paul t. Astoria, NY

10/7/12 Malagueta Restaurant 25-35 36th Ave

10/6/12 Natura Spa 31-78 Steinway

10/8/12 Dillingers Pub & Grill 46-19 30th Ave

“It’s been over a year since I first went to Dillinger’s for brunch, and now I’ve been there about half a dozen times… 

I guess the first time I went to Dillinger’s it was kind of an off day, because every subsequent return has been pretty damned enjoyable.”—Paul D., Astoria, NY

TWO 5-star reviews: 10/8 and10/9/12 Ezbins 34-13 38th St

“The reusable box rental is a great idea—I’m actually surprised I hadn’t considered using a service like this before. I got enough boxes for a studio move and loved not having to deal with carrying huge cardboard boxes on the train, using tape, or getting rid of boxes after unpacking… I’m hoping not to move again for a while, but I’d definitely use EZbins again.”—Kate D., Brooklyn, NY

10/9/12 New York Bakery 32-06 30th Ave

10/13/12 Studio 31 32-07 31st Ave

TWO 5-star reviews: Trattoria L’incontro 10/8 and 10/9/12

“Don’t order anything off the regular menu, wait for the endless list of specials from your waiter.”—Dmitriy S., Long Island City, NY

10/9/12 Villa Brazil Café Grill 4316 34th Ave

“They charge by the weight of your platter so don’t fill yours up with the cheap stuff… Tip—According to my friend, don’t go on Wednesdays because the man behind the grill is off. Some other guy works that day and he doesn’t man the grill as well as the other dude.”—Gary L., Forest Hills, NY

10/9/12 Sac’s Place 25-41 Broadway
“They use very fresh ingredients on their slices. Buffalo mozzarella and large pieces of basil.”—Joyce C., Long Island City, NY

TWO 5-star reviews: both on 10/8/12 Vitality & Health Natural Market 46-03 Broadway

“It’s truly wonderful to go here. Everything is delicious and the staff is super helpful and fast. I go here at least once a week. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.”—Roselyn G., Astoria, NY

10/9/12 The Queens Kickshaw 40-17 Broadway

“Good food, quality coffee, lovely ambiance, friendly service, fantastic prices, and WiFi—all in one happy, pristine little package! (Side note on the WiFi—it turns off at 6pm—’cuz no one should work past six. That’s drinkin’ and socializin’ time!)”—Katie R., Astoria, NY

10/10/12 Jasmin Lounge 25-50 Steinway

“Most people like to have green tea cuz it’s soothing which is fine but the best thing to have with hookah is by far cold juice… which gives a nice cooling effect down your throat.”—Neha M., Downtown Flushing, NY

10/10/12 Allure Skincare & Laser Center 33-04 31st Ave

“I went in for a photofacial today and left very happy. The treatment felt a little like rubber bands snapping against my skin but Valerie gave me such an amazing facial massage after that, that I almost fell asleep.”—Adrianna T., Brooklyn, NY

10/10/12 Via Trenta 36-19 30th Ave

10/11/12 Favela 33-18 28th Ave

“Top rate caipirinhas!!!!!”—Cee K., Long Beach, NY

10/10/12 Rosario’s Deli 2255 31st St

“Love this place! Their mozzarella cheese is the best I’ve ever had. Everything is very fresh and the people that work there are very friendly. If you are in the area and want a great sandwich, I highly recommend Rosario’s.”—Jessica M., East Elmhurst, NY

TWO 5-star reviews: 10/10 and 10/12/12 Il Bambino 34-08 31st Ave

“The food here makes me emotional it’s so delicious… Words are not enough for this place. I can’t wait to go back and try the breakfast panini which my friends rave about. Genius.”—Melanie E, Manhattan, NY

Astoria businesses: If you get a 5-star review, please share your good news. Send notice to tinfield@hotmail.com or tweet me @TracyInfield. Hope to see you here soon!


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