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5-Star Reviews: Yelp

Astoria’s 5-star reviews: 9/8-9/15

Thought-provoking questions raised in this week’s Yelp reviews include: Should “cute as hell servers” be factored into a restaurant review? … Should Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company change its name to Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee & Outstanding OJ Company?  … and How many possible answers are there to the question Where IS “the heart of Astoria,” exactly? 

Euro Market: “The beer section is also great, but you already knew that.” Photo via Yelp

9/8/12 Euro Market 30-42 31st St

“While they have a good selection of all the normal items you’d expect from an Eastern European grocery store, they really seem to excel in the area of junk food. Cookies. Tea cakes. Chocolates. More cookies. “Biscuits.” Candy. It’s not uncommon to see homesick expats filling their carts exclusively with Euro sweets. 

The beer section is also great, but you already knew that.”—Natasha N., Astoria, NY

9/12/12 Il Bambino 34-08 31st Ave

9/8/12 Oe Restaurant Bar Lounge 32-16 Steinway

9/8/12 Ice NYC 33-04 Broadway

9/13/12 Studio 31 32-07 31st Ave

“Athena suggested to put a couple low lights in which initially scared me because I wanted to stay light.. She promised me it would make the blonde pop and look brighter. I trusted her and took her advice and to my thrill, I left with the most amazing head of color! It’s exactly what I wanted! My hair is super blonde with some depth now. All the girls there are super friendly and chatty, not stand-offish at all.”—annelise g., New York, NY

9/11/12 Butcher Bar 37-08 30th Ave: “Great bbq, local, organic meat, cute as hell servers, yeah, I’m a fan.”—Max L., Astoria, NY. Shown here: Their FB page

9/9/12 Redken Saloon Salon 36-17 30th Ave

“Have been going to Saloon for close to 20 years. The experience is always great. I feel like family. Florentina does the most amazing color and Nikki does great blowouts and hair cuts.”—Cornelia K., Astoria, NY

9/8/12 Aji Sushi House 36-06 Ditmars

THREE 5-star reviews: 9/8, 9/13 and 9/14/12 GiGi Salon Styling Studio 34-17 30th Ave

This diabolical-looking machine might just have put one reviewer off cartoned OJ forever! Image from Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company’s FB page

9/13/12 Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company 35-05 Broadway

“As I approached the end of the line, I saw this huge orange juice machine. I also noticed many people buying orange juice. It wasn’t cheap at all, but I thought ‘it must be because it is fresh’ and told myself I would try it next time.
 When I returned I bought a large orange juice and it tasted so good. I think I spoiled my tastebuds so I can’t go back to Tropicana…

!”—John B., Flushing NY

9/9/12 Rizzo’s Fine Pizza 3013 Steinway St

“9/10/12 A Euro American Auto & Tire Center 30-59 41st St

“I was extremely satisfied with the service I received and pleasantly surprised with the complimentary maintenance check… 
If you have a German car and are looking for an honest, skilled, and attentive auto mechanic in the Queens area, do not hesitate to check these guys out!”—Alex O., New York, NY

TWO 5-star reviews: 9/8 and 9/9/12 Sorriso Italian Pork Store 44-16 30th Ave

9/10/12 Berry Lover 37-11 35th Ave

9/10/12 Cassinelli Food Prods 31-12 23rd Ave

“Can’t believe I lived in Astoria for a year before finding this place… Greatly enjoyed the fresh pasta. The spinach ravioli I got ($7.50 for a box of 50 ravioli) was quite incredible. I will certainly be making more trips to Cassinelli’s.”—David S., Astoria, NY

9/10/12 Halvatzis Realty 28-16 Ditmars

“We collected about 20 business cards from various agencies and although i cannot say that ALL of them were useless—99.9% were. We came to Kim, a week later she called us to view a place, and we fell in love! …  Pleasure to deal with!”—Natalia G., Astoria, NY

9/11/12 Rocket Laundromat & Cleaners 24-06 31st St

“Shirly is a fantastic tailor! She mended 3 of my favorite dresses in record time and could not have been sweeter. I felt guilty paying only six dollars for each dress. She wouldn’t let me tip her! So please go there and know she will do a great job among her chaotic surroundings.”—Stella T., Astoria, NY

9/12/12 Rosario’s Deli 22-55 31st St: This place is as Italian as you can get…This place definitely needs to be revisited multiple times in order to truly grasp the greatness of all their items…”—Tone M., Astoria, NY

9/11/12 The Queens Kickshaw 40-17 Broadway

Peter G. of Flushing, NY, provides a bulleted list of why he doesn’t think “ANYPLACE in queens compares to this place,” including:

“#5. The grilled cheese sandwiches are ALL good… there is no ordering wrong here.”

TWO 5-star reviews: 9/8 and 9/9/12 Vanilla Sky 33-18 Broadway

9/13/12 Mavromihalis & Pardalis & Nohavicka LLP 34-03 Broadway

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Taso Pardalis, and I can honestly say that working with him was easy and hassle free. Taso listened to me, treated me with respect, and worked quickly and efficiently. He got me the result I wanted and I would recommend him to my family and friends in a heartbeat.”—Jill S., Clayton, CA

9/13/12 Network Collision 37-27 31st St

9/12/12 Seva 30-07 34th St

Margherita con Funghi from Basil Brick Oven Pizza. Photo via BasilBrickOven.com

THREE 5-star reviews: 9/9/, 9/14 and 9/16 Basil Brick Oven Pizza 28-17 Astoria Blvd

“Whoever would think that this place would have NY Style Pizza, is stupid. Preeetttyyyy stupid. It is BRICK OVEN PIZZA. This stuff is Italian-style, not super greasy, super cheesy toppings galore NYC pizza. So, if you’re looking for NYC pizza, don’t go here!
If you’re looking for GREAT brick oven pizza, go here!”—AB, Astoria, NY

9/10/12 De Mole 42-20 30th Ave

9/10/12 Flo Café 37-20 30th Ave

9/8/12 Lefkos Pirgos Café 22-85 31st St. “Wonderful Greek pastry shop in the heart of Astoria. Of all the little pastry shops in the area, this place has the best seating—plenty indoors and outside.”—Bryan F., Coram, NY. Photo via Yelp

Astoria businesses: If you get a 5-star review, please let me know. Email  me at tinfield@hotmail.com or tweet: @TracyInfield. Hope to see you here soon!


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