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Astoria’s 5-star reviews: 9/22-9/29

Congratulations to everyone who received Yelp’s highest honor this week! SugarFreakDog Liberty, and Dynamite Balloons are repeat winners from last week … Queens Comfort wins this week’s “Best/shortest/funniest” review … and Athena from Studio 31 wins over yet another fan with her killer “good listener/big talent” one-two combo.

9/22/12 Socrates Sculpture Park 32-05 Vernon Blvd
“Indivisible” by EAF12 artist Melissa A. Calderón, via their Facebook page

9/23 Dog Liberty 34-25 37th St

9/22/12 Matsu Sushi 34-11 30th Ave

“The warmness of the chefs (Leo and Jeff) and the staff won me over. We became friends right away and all dishes were custom made to our taste. Nothing out of the menu. So much that I had to take pictures of every dish and soon my phone became our own special menu.—FR., Long Island City, NY

9/23/12 Ukus 42-08 30th Ave

9/23/12 Stamatis Restaurant 3114 Broadway

9/23/12 Wave Thai 21-37 31st St

“Cute clean and really good food. Great quality but inexpensive. The servers are super helpful and friendly.”—sally l., Astoria, NY

925/12 Avenue Café 35-27 30th Ave

9/26 Egyptian Coffee Shop 25-09 Steinway St

“Love this place. I get to practice my Arabic on the waiters and their turkish coffee is so good! … 
Paying is always an adventure as they’ve brought the Egyptian system of billing to Astoria with them—they just tell you how much you owe, no check, no list of items that you have ordered. If it weren’t so cheap already, I’d probably haggle a discount…

 This place rocks.”—Ro C., Woodside, NY

TWO 5-star reviews: Both on 9/26/12 HinuMaru 33-18 Ditmars Blvd

9/24/12 Dynamite Balloons (347) 376-6452

9/28/12 Arisam Auto Collision 3107 38th Ave

9/28/12 Chicken Souvlaki Street Cart NW Corner of Broadway and 32nd St

“Excellent choice for a snack (or meal) if you’re in the area. King of Falafel down the block gets all the love but there’s no question that this cart serves superior chicken.”—Matthew K., New York, NY

9/27/12 Astoria Urgent Medical Care 32-74 Steinway St

9/26/12 Body Language Tattoo 32-02 34th Ave, Store 4

9/26/12 Olympic Luxury Car Service 24-04 24th St

“This is my taxi service when going to Laguardia, period. Every time I make a reservation, they always arrive on time. More affordable than other cab services.”—Erica B., Astoria, NY

9/27/12 Patricias Famous Hair Extensions Salon 30-71 Steinway

TWO 5-star reviews: Both on 9/26/12 Queens Comfort 40-09 30th Ave

“I’ve had dreams of their pulled pork.  Great spot for a last meal on earth, stoner, or pregnant lady!”—E.P., Long Island City, Queens, NY

9/26/12 Red Mango 30-58 Steinway St

9/26/12 Museum of the Moving Image 36-01 35th Ave
“First Cameraman Arun Chaudhary with President Barack Obama.” From the Museum’s Facebook post promoting yesterday’s talk & book signing. Photo: David Katz

9/26/12 Broadway Natural 30-11 Broadway

“The bottom line with this place is that it’s conveniently located by the Broadway stop on the NQ line, has reasonable prices, a friendly staff, and tasty treats that I like to pick up when I’m in a rush.“—Richard W., Astoria, NY

9/27/12 Studio 31 32-07 31st Ave

Athena was very professional and spent a LOT of time with me. She listened to my requests and offered her own, very helpful opinions. The results were gorgeous!! When I left, I knew I would be coming back. I waited until now to write a review because I wanted to see how it all grew in. Again, I have no complaints.”—Michelle C., Manhattan, NY

THREE 5-star reviews: 9/26, 9/27 and 9/28/12 SugarFreak 36-18 30th Ave

“My favorite brunch hands-down.” (9/26) “I was just as satisfied when I came for BRUNCH …. Excellent hangover food!’ (9/27) “A no brainer go-to place to take friends that visit.” (9/28)

9/26/12 Value Movers 31-10 31st Ave

“My boss asked me to look for a moving company the last minute. The gentleman who answered the phone was very accommodating and very helpful. I had special requests and they were nice enough to accommodate us. We had to move from downtown to uptown and I just have to thank them for being so efficient. I highly recommend Value Movers and I am giving them five stars for excellent service!”—Stephane M., SoHo, Manhattan, NY

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Astoria’s 5-star reviews: 9/15-9/22

Congrats to everyone who received Yelp’s highest honor this week: Bareburger got THREE 5-star reviews (2 for its Ditmars location, which just celebrated its 1-year anniversary) … Aliada on Broadway got theirs for showing some Australians a good time… And the week’s winner for Most Concise Review is: “Cheap fast delicious.” (Mama’s Empanadas)

Deliciousness from SugarFreak. Image via their Facebook page.

THREE 5-star reviews: 9/17, 9/18 and 9/19/12 SugarFreak 36-18 30th Ave

“We chose to share the Boudin Balls, Southern Fried Chicken (with a side of collard greens) and… OH those Hush Puppies! Nom nom nom. I also had the Cajun Bloody Mary and my friend had the Sugar Honey Iced Tea. Everything was just as scrumptious as we had imagined…
 After dinner, my friend and I marveled at how adorable the place is—you can tell that they put a lot of love into decorating it—and the food tastes like there’s a lot of love in it too.”—Anima P., Queens, NY

9/15 /12 Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden 29-19 24th Ave

“This place is just magical… So unassuming from the outside, and so bangerang and extensive upon entering. The back patio area is such a fantastic place to congregate with a group of 5 or 20. The food is pretty great and wonderful for sopping up the $14 pitchers of beer they have.”—Michael L., Philadelphia, PA

9/19/12 The Giving Tree Yoga Studio 22-56 31st St
Above: Kundalini yoga class. Photo via their FB page

9/19/12 Basil Brick Oven Pizza 28-17 Astoria Blvd

9/16/12 Bicycle Repairman Corp 40-21a 35th Ave

9/16/12 JJ’s 37-05 31st Ave

“This is crave-able sushi, I wish I lived closer so that I could eat it more often.”—Yael R., Brooklyn, NY

9/15/12 Vesta 21-02 30th Ave

“The place is great! I’ve been there twice for dinner and brunch… The service is great, and they do have some great selections of wine. Intimate ambience, fantastic place in Astoria!”—Julia L, Astoria, NY

Dynamite Balloons —balloon party fun for kids and grown-ups. Image via their Facebook page

9/15/12 Dynamite Balloons (347) 376-6452

“We were thrilled to have Joseph and his incredible talent with balloons entertain family and friends at our son’s fourth birthday party.  Everyone raved about his personality, professionalism and amazing balloon creations.  Adults and the children were enthralled by him.”—Erica G., Port Chester, NY

TWO 5-star reviews: 9/17 and 9/19/12 Dahlia Nails & Spa 41-08 Broadway

“The space is clean, modern and very sanitary. They scrub the pedi tub after every use… you don’t see that often (or more like never). Not only was it a job well done but the price is beyond reasonable. I got the gel done for my week long vacation to Dominican Republic. I’ve been back in the states and after salt water, chlorine and 13 days later my nails still look amazing.”—Shari J., Woodside, NY

9/16/12 Laser It Off 30-26 Steinway

9/17/12 Rocket Laundromat & Cleaners 24-06 31st St

9/17/12 Zante Restaurant 38-38 31st St

“NYC’s best burger,” an Instagram from Bareburger’s Facebook page.

9/18/12 Bareburger 33-21 31st Ave

TWO 5-star reviews: 9/16 and 9/18 Bareburger 23-01 31st St

9/18/12 Harissa 34-05 30th Ave

9/17/12 Mama’s Empanadas 32-41 Steinway

“Cheap, fast, delicious. :)” —Alisa O., Astoria, NY

9/18/12 Sushi Q 25-03 30th Ave 29-19 Broadway

THREE 5-star reviews: 9/18 and 9/19/12 (2) Seva 30-07 34th St

“Service and food is great here. No matter how busy it is, it seems like there’s 10 waiters swarming the place looking for someone whose cup they could refill. I’ve been here probably 15+ times and food was amazing almost every single time.”—Mahfuzur K., Woodside, NY

9/19/12 Brazilian Waxing Center 37-11 35th Ave

9/19/12 Yoga Agora 33-02 Broadway 2nd floor

TWO 5-star reviews: 9/18 and 9/22 Sorriso Italian Pork Store 44-16 30th Ave

TWO 5-star reviews: 9/19 and 9/22/12 Aliada Restaurant 29-19 Broadway

“As travelers from Australia, we were looking for a friendly place to sit down, have a nice coffee, perhaps a tasty meal, and watch the New York scene passing by… Thank you Louie (Loizos), Vicky, the South American connection and the chef. Well done guys and we are going to fit in one more meal before we leave NY tomorrow!!”—Petros P., Australia

9/21/12 Dog Liberty LLC 34025 37th St

“When I found Dog Liberty I was in complete desperation, my dear Pepper (minpin/chihuahua) that we love sooooo much, had taken over the house. Bad behavior and impossible potty training was making our lives miserable.
 With a couple of training sessions and lots of walks from their staff, now we enjoy having her in our family, it changed the experience of having a dog from a nightmare to a dream come true.”—Valeria M., Upper West Side, Manhatttan, NY

9/20/12 Los Portales Taqueria 25-08 Broadway

“I always order via grubhub and pick up. Delicious and cheap. My only gripe is they’re closed a lot of times when I want to eat there, especially around lunchtime most days.”—Andrew S., Astoria, NY

9/20/12 Aji Sushi House 36-06 Ditmars

Indoors, outdoors: Doesn’t matter at Locale. Photo via their Facebook page.

TWO 5-star reviews: 9/17 and 9/18/12 Locale 33-02 34th Ave

“I came here on Saturday for brunch with three friends… The atmosphere at Locale was probably the best thing about this place. It was beautiful outside that day so I was bummed to be sitting inside, but the place was so wide open that I felt like we were sitting outside the whole time… Overall, a great experience—I will definitely come back.”—Kristina K. Long Island City, NY

9/21/12 Rest-au-Rant 30-01 35th Ave

“Very cozy, decent beer & wine selection and the food is fantastic! The ambiance is perfect: subdued candlelight, unique decor, and a good crowd. Regarding service, it’s a small place and there is one bartender/server. If you can accept this for what it is it can be a great experience.”—Luke S., Los Angeles, CA

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Astoria’s 5-star reviews: 9/8-9/15

Thought-provoking questions raised in this week’s Yelp reviews include: Should “cute as hell servers” be factored into a restaurant review? … Should Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company change its name to Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee & Outstanding OJ Company?  … and How many possible answers are there to the question Where IS “the heart of Astoria,” exactly? 

Euro Market: “The beer section is also great, but you already knew that.” Photo via Yelp

9/8/12 Euro Market 30-42 31st St

“While they have a good selection of all the normal items you’d expect from an Eastern European grocery store, they really seem to excel in the area of junk food. Cookies. Tea cakes. Chocolates. More cookies. “Biscuits.” Candy. It’s not uncommon to see homesick expats filling their carts exclusively with Euro sweets. 

The beer section is also great, but you already knew that.”—Natasha N., Astoria, NY

9/12/12 Il Bambino 34-08 31st Ave

9/8/12 Oe Restaurant Bar Lounge 32-16 Steinway

9/8/12 Ice NYC 33-04 Broadway

9/13/12 Studio 31 32-07 31st Ave

“Athena suggested to put a couple low lights in which initially scared me because I wanted to stay light.. She promised me it would make the blonde pop and look brighter. I trusted her and took her advice and to my thrill, I left with the most amazing head of color! It’s exactly what I wanted! My hair is super blonde with some depth now. All the girls there are super friendly and chatty, not stand-offish at all.”—annelise g., New York, NY

9/11/12 Butcher Bar 37-08 30th Ave: “Great bbq, local, organic meat, cute as hell servers, yeah, I’m a fan.”—Max L., Astoria, NY. Shown here: Their FB page

9/9/12 Redken Saloon Salon 36-17 30th Ave

“Have been going to Saloon for close to 20 years. The experience is always great. I feel like family. Florentina does the most amazing color and Nikki does great blowouts and hair cuts.”—Cornelia K., Astoria, NY

9/8/12 Aji Sushi House 36-06 Ditmars

THREE 5-star reviews: 9/8, 9/13 and 9/14/12 GiGi Salon Styling Studio 34-17 30th Ave

This diabolical-looking machine might just have put one reviewer off cartoned OJ forever! Image from Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company’s FB page

9/13/12 Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company 35-05 Broadway

“As I approached the end of the line, I saw this huge orange juice machine. I also noticed many people buying orange juice. It wasn’t cheap at all, but I thought ‘it must be because it is fresh’ and told myself I would try it next time.
 When I returned I bought a large orange juice and it tasted so good. I think I spoiled my tastebuds so I can’t go back to Tropicana…

!”—John B., Flushing NY

9/9/12 Rizzo’s Fine Pizza 3013 Steinway St

“9/10/12 A Euro American Auto & Tire Center 30-59 41st St

“I was extremely satisfied with the service I received and pleasantly surprised with the complimentary maintenance check… 
If you have a German car and are looking for an honest, skilled, and attentive auto mechanic in the Queens area, do not hesitate to check these guys out!”—Alex O., New York, NY

TWO 5-star reviews: 9/8 and 9/9/12 Sorriso Italian Pork Store 44-16 30th Ave

9/10/12 Berry Lover 37-11 35th Ave

9/10/12 Cassinelli Food Prods 31-12 23rd Ave

“Can’t believe I lived in Astoria for a year before finding this place… Greatly enjoyed the fresh pasta. The spinach ravioli I got ($7.50 for a box of 50 ravioli) was quite incredible. I will certainly be making more trips to Cassinelli’s.”—David S., Astoria, NY

9/10/12 Halvatzis Realty 28-16 Ditmars

“We collected about 20 business cards from various agencies and although i cannot say that ALL of them were useless—99.9% were. We came to Kim, a week later she called us to view a place, and we fell in love! …  Pleasure to deal with!”—Natalia G., Astoria, NY

9/11/12 Rocket Laundromat & Cleaners 24-06 31st St

“Shirly is a fantastic tailor! She mended 3 of my favorite dresses in record time and could not have been sweeter. I felt guilty paying only six dollars for each dress. She wouldn’t let me tip her! So please go there and know she will do a great job among her chaotic surroundings.”—Stella T., Astoria, NY

9/12/12 Rosario’s Deli 22-55 31st St: This place is as Italian as you can get…This place definitely needs to be revisited multiple times in order to truly grasp the greatness of all their items…”—Tone M., Astoria, NY

9/11/12 The Queens Kickshaw 40-17 Broadway

Peter G. of Flushing, NY, provides a bulleted list of why he doesn’t think “ANYPLACE in queens compares to this place,” including:

“#5. The grilled cheese sandwiches are ALL good… there is no ordering wrong here.”

TWO 5-star reviews: 9/8 and 9/9/12 Vanilla Sky 33-18 Broadway

9/13/12 Mavromihalis & Pardalis & Nohavicka LLP 34-03 Broadway

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Taso Pardalis, and I can honestly say that working with him was easy and hassle free. Taso listened to me, treated me with respect, and worked quickly and efficiently. He got me the result I wanted and I would recommend him to my family and friends in a heartbeat.”—Jill S., Clayton, CA

9/13/12 Network Collision 37-27 31st St

9/12/12 Seva 30-07 34th St

Margherita con Funghi from Basil Brick Oven Pizza. Photo via BasilBrickOven.com

THREE 5-star reviews: 9/9/, 9/14 and 9/16 Basil Brick Oven Pizza 28-17 Astoria Blvd

“Whoever would think that this place would have NY Style Pizza, is stupid. Preeetttyyyy stupid. It is BRICK OVEN PIZZA. This stuff is Italian-style, not super greasy, super cheesy toppings galore NYC pizza. So, if you’re looking for NYC pizza, don’t go here!
If you’re looking for GREAT brick oven pizza, go here!”—AB, Astoria, NY

9/10/12 De Mole 42-20 30th Ave

9/10/12 Flo Café 37-20 30th Ave

9/8/12 Lefkos Pirgos Café 22-85 31st St. “Wonderful Greek pastry shop in the heart of Astoria. Of all the little pastry shops in the area, this place has the best seating—plenty indoors and outside.”—Bryan F., Coram, NY. Photo via Yelp

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Astoria’s 5-star reviews: 9/1-9/8

This week in Astoria’s best Yelp reviews: … Brick Café wows a visitor from Miami Beach… Loveday31 and The Quays share top honors in “Best Review: Humor category” (thanks to Ryan W. of Astoria, NY)… and Mundo Café & Restaurant inspires one reviewer to invent an entirely new word for it: ambianceful. [It has a certain je ne sais quaisiness, does it not?]

9/2/12 Il Bambino 34-08 31st Ave
“I don’t have much to say that hasn’t been said before. Il Bambino is one of the best restaurants in Astoria. I’ve been here many times, and I’ve never had anything that wasn’t absolutely delicious. The service is great, the space is cute, they deliver too.”—Jasmine W., Astoria, NY

TWO 5-star reviews: 9/1 and 9/2/12 Favela 33-18 28th Ave

“I have been to Favela several times with a large group and each and every time they impress me… The food is authentic (my Brazilian friend LOVES this place). Wish they opened a place here in Philadelphia.”—Sybil K., Philadelphia, PA

9/1/12 Junko Sushi 33-02 Broadway

9/2/12 Martha’s Country Bakery 36-21 Ditmars

TWO 5-star reviews: 9/3/12 Seva 30-07 34th St

“Living in Astoria, there are quite a few Indian restaurants to choose from, but only one where you are NEVER let down… With a special which gives you an app, entree, and dessert for $13.50—you cannot go wrong… Great service, food, and price—we don’t go anywhere else for Indian.”—Stephanie M., Astoria, NY

You might find your favorite beer, here: The Queens Kickshaw . Photo by Mike D. via Yelp

TWO 5-star reviews: 9/2 and 9/3/12 The Queens Kickshaw 40-17 Broadway

“I can’t believe one of my favorite restaurants in the city is a vegetarian eatery… Literally everything on the menu is great. The various grilled cheese sandwiches, the mac & cheese, the egg & cheese sandwich for breakfast —you can’t go wrong. The beer selection is outstanding and I found some favorite beers here; the coffee menu is equally great… For some inexplicable reason this place is always busier during the week, and is quiet on weekends… on a Saturday night it can be nearly empty. But any time you want to relax over a beer or three, start your day with good coffee, or snack on high quality food, Kickshaw is where it’s at.”—Eric F., Astoria NY

TWO 5-star reviews: 9/6/12 Bugatti Café 31-05 34th St

“As this place figures out its clientele and place in Astoria, it’s gotten much better. The staff is always top notch, sometimes nearly tripping over each other to get to your table. The food is great for the price, and their wine is inexpensive… I’ve been 4 times and I’ll be back!”—joshua w., Queens, NY

Mmm…. via Ornella Trattoria Italiana’s Facebook page

THREE 5-star reviews: 9/2, 9/4 and 9/6/12 Ornella Trattoria Italiana 29-17 23rd Ave

9/4/12 The Quays 45-02 30th Ave

“There are two genuinely nice young musician guys who bartend here in the evenings—I believe on Thursdays, if memory serves. They do the whole third drink buyback and whenever I go in by myself (like a revolting alcoholic), they treat me like anything but a revolting alcoholic. They actually greet me like I’m an old friend or classmate. So cheers, you guys are class. The prices are good, too. One night a couple of friendly strangers invited me to play darts and then a lady I’d never met before sat down and told me horrible things about her life, but since she was also from Chicago, I was able to steer her to a slightly less nightmarish topic (the Cubs). I’d go back more often but I’m paranoid that due to my repeat solo visits I’ve been branded a neighborhood drunk, so I probably won’t be back until October, because, you know, shame.”—Ryan W., Astoria, NY 

TWO five-star reviews this week for Brick Cafe. Photo via their website

TWO 5-star reviews: 9/4 and 9/7/12 Brick Café 30-95 33rd St

“I visited Brick Cafe during my stay in NY.
 The staff is friendly, the environment and atmosphere is cosmo but not snobby, and my overall experience was great! I highly recommend this place!!!
 LOVE the Mango Margaritas!!!!!!! Will definitely be back!”—Caroline V., Miami Beach, FL

9/4/12 Twins Collision Inc 22-19 37th Ave

9/5/12 Enterprise Rent-A-Car 36-49 31st St

“Like” Loveday31 on FB for a pretty steady stream of fabulousness. This was their post on Friday (9/7/12).

9/4/12 Loveday31 33-06 31st Ave

“They could tell right away that I was a clueless dude trying to get a last minute gift and save face. Basically, they got me out of a serious bind, and for less than forty bucks. That’s probably not a useful review for all you ladies who like to go vintage shopping, but then again, this review isn’t for you. It’s for your boyfriends.”—Ryan W., Astoria, NY

9/5/12 Vesta 21-02 30th Ave

“Best dinner spot in town, hands down.  I’ve been here numerous times for brunch and dinner and each time I leave beyond satisfied. The menu is simple but the dishes are unique and use flavors that complement each other so well.  I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone… the atmosphere is warm and romantic and the staff is super friendly.”—Sara F., Astoria, NY

9/6/12 Bahari Estiatorio 31-14 Broadway

THREE 5-star reviews: 9/1, 9/2, and 9/6/12 Taverna Kyclades 33-07 Ditmars Blvd

9/5/12 Zorba’s Souvlaki Plus 29-05 23rd Ave

TWO 5-star reviews: 9/1 and 9/6/12 Tu Casa Restaurant 30-10 Steinway St

“Had family come into town, so we tried Mundo for our first time. Delicious, funky, ambianceful and inventive.”—Kim L., Manhattan, NY

TWO 5-star reviews: 9/5 and 9/6/12 Mundo Café & Restaurant 31-18 Broadway

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Astoria’s 5-star reviews: 8/25-9/1

This week in Astoria’s best Yelp reviews: Dillingers Pub gets five stars and SIX exclamation points… Mundo Cafe wows a carnivore with their veggie wrap… And Astoria Laundry gets what is possibly the most enthusiastic review a laundry place has ever received, ever.

“The’ a la menthe” (mint tea) from Harissa. Photo via HarissaCafe.com

8/30/12 Harissa 34-05 30th Ave

“This is the kind of place that makes me love Queens—really good food, free wifi, amazing Moroccan Mint Tea. Like actual mint in the glass, people. It’s so delicious.” Elena A., Queens, NY

I spent waaaay too long on NYC Pet Nanny’s Facebook page: GOOD STUFF!
Screenshot here shows Charlie (sprawling) and Ruby (tucked in).

FOUR 5-star reviews: 8/26, 8/28 (2), 8/29/12 NYC Pet Nanny 44-05 25th Ave

“They are loving and sweet with Ruby and very communicative with us, with a daily journal entry of how Ruby was on her walks, where they went and other fun details like dogs she played with or how the weather was. It makes us very happy to know that Ruby is being treated with lots of TLC while we are at work.”—Tony K., Astoria, NY

8/25/12 Create & Go 36-03 30th Ave

“Never been there, but have ordered in 3x. The create-your-own salad with veggie chili side hits the mark.”—Emily M., Long Island City, NY

8/24 Steinway Animal Hospital 25-63 Steinway St

“The receptionist was extremely nice and understanding, everything in the place was very clean, and they treated my dog very well. Dr. Tadros seems like a very nice veterinarian, and I appreciate him coming in to see my dog without an appointment… I had a great experience here, and I definitely recommend this animal hospital for anyone who has a pet.”—Grace C., Astoria, NY

8/24/12 Whiskers Natural Pet Grooming 19-31 Ditmars

“The shop is completely open and you can watch your dog and other dogs get groomed. I have stayed to watch my dog get groomed. At his last grooming he looked beautiful and was handled gently by the man who groomed him so I was surprised at some of these reviews because you can see everything. I would never bring my dog to one of those shops where you can’t see whats going on.”—Tina X., Astoria, NY

8/25/12 Dillingers Pub & Grill 46-19 30th Ave

“This is your regular pub/beer/sports place however, you cannot beat AMAZING $10 steak and 25 cent wings!!!!!! YOU JUST CAN’T! The steak was juicy and wings crispy!
Steak night on Wednesday for $10 (plus sides are extra) and 25 cent wings on Tuesday. Seriously a great way to treat yourself after work.”—Jane R., Brooklyn, NY

8/26/12 Via Trenta Osteria & Wine Bar 36-19 30th Ave

“This place has great food, and the outdoor seating is very comfortable, in fact, I’ve never eaten inside! Though on a busy corner, the foot and car traffic just feet away is totally unobtrusive. Always try the specials, they are consistently excellent, including their special cocktails. The brunch menu is solid and their Bloody Marys are delicious.”—Liz W., Astoria, Queens, NY

8/26/12 NYC Love Street Coffee 32-30 Steinway

“Best espresso in Astoria. Really friendly staff. Great sandwiches.”—Lance B., Astoria, NY

THREE 5-star reviews: 8/25 8/27 and 8/29/12 Sal, Kris & Charlie’s Deli 33-12 23rd Ave

I didn’t get to try The Bomb but the Italian sandwich was great! 6 different deli meats, with cheese, lettuce, peppers, and vinegar, loaded on a nice crisp roll —perfection! … If ever in the area again, I’ll definitely be back!”—Amanda D., Newark, NJ

8/28/12 Bareburger 33-21 31st Ave

8/29/12 Bareburger 23-01 31st St

“I can’t get enough!! It’s torture walking by Bareburger every day to and from the train. I have yet to try everything, but I love bison and wild boar. The fries and dipping sauces are great, but if you’re looking to stray from the usual, the sweet potato croquettes are excellent! The fried pickles leave you wanting so much more. And of course I couldn’t leave out the organic milkshakes… I’ll never get tired of Bareburger.”—Fiona O., Astoria, NY

8/27/12 HinoMaru 33-18 Ditmars
Fried shrimp appetizer over mashed potatoes; photo by Jerry K. on Yelp

8/28/12 Woofs ‘n Purrs (718) 809-5387

“Judy goes above and beyond what a typical dog/cat caretaker does. She treated Truman as if he were her own. She was always prompt, never cancelled, even changed her schedule with last minute requests, left lovely updates and pictures for each day’s activities, but most importantly showered him with love.”—Candace S., Astoria, NY

8/29/12 Astoria Laundry 23-17 31 St

“Same day pickup+delivery, every item of clothing accounted for :) clothes came back folded nicely and smelling soooo clean and fresh ~ Omg I am soOo happy this place exists! I will continue to be a faithful customer as long as I live in Queens :)”—Diana P., Woodside, NY

8/29 (and TWO on 8/21) Mundo Café & Restaurant 31-18 Broadway

“My bf loves his meat but decided to try the veggie wrap and he said and I quote “this is the best wrap i’ve ever had!” The veggie wrap has now become a staple of our weekly menu…We love you Mundo!”—Rachel K., Astoria, NY

8/29 Viennas Stelios MD 38-02 31st Ave

8/29/12 Vanilla Sky 33-18 Broadway

“I like this place better than all those frozen yogurt chains (Red Mango, 16 Handles).”—Victoria L., Bayside, NY

TWO 5-star reviews: 8/29 and 8/30/12 Astoria Park Will T., sums it up: “What’s not to like here?”
Photo via Trish M. on Yelp

8/31/12 Bel Aire Diner 31-91 21st St

“Bel Aire makes breakfast awesome… 
Maybe it’s the perfect crispy bacon they have. Or maybe it’s their pre-buttered toast for the lazy. Or it could be their delicious display of delectable desserts. Or maybe it’s because I’m usually half asleep and semi-tipsy when I’m eating here. But this is the place to go when you want breakfast and desserts past midnight in the middle of Astoria.”—Leslie H., Flushing, NY

8/31/12 DiWine 41-15 31st Ave

8/30/12 Family Corner Restaurant 2102 31st St

“I’ve been going to this spot since I was in Junior High School 141, it’s maintained it’s home made appeal, catch them for breakfast especially.”—Will T., Rockaway Park, NY

8/31/12 TA PC Repair 31-06 38th St

“Just to say, very professional. I have Dell two years old with broken screen,
 TA replaced screen for me in 1 week for super good price.”—Mirela Z., Astoria, NY


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